Motorcycle comparison, which motor bike is the best for you?

New Rider

New rider growing skills and adding to the motorcyckle collection.

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Mature rider, a beginner to motorbiking after being a keen cager. Starting to learn the skills needed to survive fast street riding.
Am seeking out my next bike and sharing my journey with you.
Win the new Valentino Rossi racing console game for the PS4 or Xbox 360 in our competition
Great news, we have a Promo copy of the new Valentino Rossi racing game to give away in a competition! The copy will be for the PS4 or the Xbox One and also includes the complete MotoGP 2016 season and the whole 2015 season ! Enter the competition here: ...
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Too much motorcycle technology on a moden sports bike?
Nowadays, it seems like every manufacturer is in a rush to bundle on as much technology on a motorcycle as possible. Where did this come from? Surely us, the buying bikers, didn't actually ask for it. It seems that motorbike makers are now headlning a bike's technology as the big selling points and no longer that it might be actually be a joy to ride. No manufacturer seems to be avoiding this flight to technology. That many companies cannot be wrong so one would have to assume that  they have been looking at their sales reports and feedback and it is, in fact, these technologicaly advanced bikes that sell the most. Of course, we can accept that new technology is essential to lower weight, increase normal performance and fall in line with emssions, etc, so we are really talking about technology that influences the riding of the bike fundamentally, as in,...
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Agh, let's hope that Honda get this right? The Fireblade has become a much less desirable sports motorcycle with the onslaught of heavy, high-tech competition and now falls far behind, if not at the bottom (well, the Suzki GSX-R might be even less desirable at present) of the list of dream superbikes. Should Honda retain its raw, back to basics approach for the Honda CBR1000RR or shove as much technology on it as possible? If they leave it with just ABS then they run the risk of losing even more sales, even though it is still very price competitive. After all, the hgh-tech competition is mostly 2 or 3K more expensive. If they add on a load of electrickery then can we expect the price to subsequently match the likes of the Yamaha R1 and BMW S1000R? To my mind, they need to come out with a bike which not only...
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Aprilia RSV4 RF Superbike Sports motorcycle
This is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, hotly contested questions in the world of motorcycles. Which is the  best Superbike for the road? Of course, this is a matter of contention, this is down to pure opinion, sometimes biased with brand loyalty and always very subjective but let's take away all of that and, passion aside, which is truly the best sports motorcycle for the road at the time I write this, a sunny weekend at the end of May in 2016?  To come up the decision involved the feedback from all of those connected with Which Bike and their friends, colleagues and ride-out partners. I am not talking about the best all-rounder. Practicality can take a back seat here, in fact, these bikes mostly don't have back seats! I am talking about race bikes for the road, supersports motorcycles, superbikes. The kind of bike you might...
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2016 Yamaha R1 Review
To say I was both excited and scared when I found out I was going to test ride the new 2016 Yamaha R1 sports bike would be an understatement of the highest magnitude. One has to remember that I only passed my test last year and do not yet have the skill, or indeed the confidence, to ride a beast of a machine like this on a public road. The thing that struck me on first sight was that the new R1 seemed so small. I mean tiny! In isolation it looks no bigger than an R6 or even an R3 and perhaps the R125. It is only when  you see the bike  next to these bikes, as I was lucky enough to view a fwe months later, do you spot the obvious differences which is mainly the size of the tank and the back wheels. Of course, the details give...
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Honda CBR 650F sports bike for beginners
We often get asked, via our YouTube channel, which sports motorcycle is best for new riders, beginners oe even older riders getting back into motorbiking. So what motorbike is best? Which is the easiest, safest. most forgiving motorbike on the market? Which sports bike should you buy for your experience? Is a supersports bike suitable? The very first argument that pops up is the 'Capacity' argument.... Specifically, should any nre or inexperienced rider ever be allowed on a bike with a capacity of one litre/liter or more? Of course, this question is somewhat out of date as the performance of some under-1000cc bikes is astonishing. Particular examples of bikes that really need an experienced rider are the MV Agusta F3, which is 800cc, and the Ducati Panigale 899/959 which has 900/960cc/ These bikes are electrifying and, indeed, due to their lighter weight and engine tune they accelerate at least as quick...
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AM Motorcycle Licence Law and Information
There are three main categories of motorcycle licence, which are the  A1 Licence, A2 Licence, and the full A Licence. There is also an AM licence category for scooters and mopeds. These three new motorcycle licence categories are mostly based on the rider's age, with a strict time limit in place, wthin which the rider must pass the related test , or re-apply for the motorcycle licence in that category. The rules ensure that all riders make progress through the different motorcycle licences, spending a minimum of two years within the 'A2' and 'A1' licence categories before being allowed to take the test for the full and unlimited 'A' licence. The UK also operates a 'Direct Access', also known as DAS,  route that allows riders of at least 24 years of age to move straight passed the 'A1' and 'A2' licences, and go directly for the full 'A' licence. Details of...
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I popped along to the local T-Fest day at Jack Lilley in Surrey to have  a ride on the new Triumph Speed Triple R and Thruxton R but whilst I was there, and with time on my hands, I took the opportunity to take this rather splendid 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 out for a ride. I have always respected this classic sort of motorcycle shape and, of course, the Bonneville name is somewhat legendary but it has never really been 'my thing'. I therefore took the keys for the bike with absolutely no expectations whatsoever. First of all, I had a good look around it and started to see the attraction as the Triumph T120 clearly had raw motorcycling appeal despite being rather contemporary with an abundance of modern motorbiking technology adorning it. What stood out for me was the pure simplicity of it. I also admired its clarity of...
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Whether you are into modern super naked motorcycles, agressive super sports motorbikes, cruisers, scramblers or even super motos you will always admire the look of the new Thruxton R from Triumph. It seems to elevate itself above simply being about looks and provides a heavy dose of style and the elusive feel good factor. It makes you smile, it makes your son smile, it makes your father smile and it makes your grandpa smile. It is retro, yet modern, traditional yet contemporary, loud but safe. The fulll name is actually a Triumph Bonneville Thruxton 1200 R priced at £11700. There is also a non-R version priced at £10,400 which has less detailing and lower quality suspension/brakes.   Ade's Review When I first saw this bike in large print form in a Triumph dealership I was immediately struck by just  how 'honest' the bike looked. After all, this bike is a fake!...
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2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 in Dark Grey
i was fortunate enough to get out on the new 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800, a bike that grabbed me the moment i looked at it on the screen. As you may know from my other blogs and vlogs I am an MV fan though I have never owned one. This love affair goes back to my youth and my early recollection of an MV from a Top Trump pack that I had. The brand stuck in my mind ever since. In the flesh, this new 800cc Brutale bike does not disappoint. It has amazing curves, angles and details with quite the most amazing seat area that I have EVER seen on a motorcycle. We will surely see some copycats, though the overall look of seat lightness might contribute to it's firmness and uncomfortableness on long journeys. First impressions were that is was a little bike, almost toy like, and height...
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2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT
Is the new 2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT one of the all time great all-rounder motorycles? Is it really worth £15,000 / $22,000 - before you even add in some of the usual extras such as panniers, back-box, exhaust, etc? After having riden the bike I can see where the money is spent. There is a lot of super, high-tech electrickery on the bike, mostly in place to provide security but also to improve the experience. Certainly, Triumph has made some great changes to help both the rider and the pillion comfortable. I really did like the idea of heated seats, especially for the pillion who is so often overlooked. The bike has a lot of competitors out there from all of the major manufacturers, such as the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, the Aprilia Caponord, the big BMWs, the Ducati Multistrada, the Yamaha Super Tenere, the Honda VFR 1200s or Adventure,...
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Would you adam and eve it.. there I was about to conduct an interview on the Yamaha stand for the vlog channel and came upon 3 PS4 consoles running a new motorcycle based video game! Wow, this has my name all over it. I am big into video games and love motorcycling. I stood and watched some youngsters getting to grips with the game and I was hooked fom the moment I set eyes of it. The publishers and Develpers are Bandai Namco and Milestone and they have given us, the motorcycling and video game fans, something we have not seen since 2002 and the old Tourist Trophy on the PS2. Worth the wait? Absolutely. The graphics, as it should be on a PS4 new release, are excellent and the background and side views replenish at a good rate allowing you to focus on the action as if you were there...
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Trumph 675 Daytona
OK, so I grew out of the Honda PCX in a fortnight and the Honda CBR600F, although brilliant, is starting to lose its thrill so I have now made up my mind that my next bike needs to come soon, real soon. At this point I don't know whether I will keep these two and add the third, or trade in the CBR for a better, more focused sports bike, or keep the PCX and get two new bikes, a sports bike and a tourer, or perhaps one bike that does both. Arghhh, it is so confusing! :) Putting my thoughs on a tourer aside as my main interest is a fast sportsbike I have narrowed the search down to the following bikes, giving reasons why I chose them and my concerns. In no particular order: Triumph Daytona 675 For Reasonable power, more than CBR600F Looks good Great marque Great reviews...
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Yamaha XJ6 Motorcycle
So, why did I choose the Honda CBR600F for my first 'real' If you have been following my blog and video submissions for on YouTube then you will know that I started off with a new 2014 Honda PCK which I rapidly grew out of, from a performance perspective.. As I was a frequent visitor at Honda in Fanrham I guess I was more seduced by that marque than any other really. Still, I could have got any other bike I wanted. As it happens, my first thoughts were actually on getting a Yamaha R3. Alas, this is not out until April 2015 and there was no way ui was going to wait 5 months or so. The R3 looks amazing but knowing what I know now, that the bike would never have had enough power to satiate me, I am glad I dod not wait. I had obviously gained...
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Honda PCX 125
Hi all, my name is Ade and I am a very keen motorcyclist indeed. I always liked motorbikes and my first memory is of Evil Knievel and thinking how damn sexy the MV Agusta of the day looked. However, in my teens, twenties and thirties I was seduced by the dark side and fell in love with sports cars, of which I had all sorts. I started a family and motorbikes were just considered too dangerous to contemplate. This was not just my wife putting her foot down, honest :), but I also understood that given my fondness of speed, particularly acceleration, and danger I was just the wrong sort of person to ride a powerful bike. Now i am a lot older, and having got a lot of road cycle miles behind me, I finally felt the confidence and maturity to cope with the demands of riding a motorcycle. Still,...
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