Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R – Ride and Review

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R

Whether you are into modern super naked motorcycles, agressive super sports motorbikes, cruisers, scramblers or even super motos you will always admire the look of the new Thruxton R from Triumph.

It seems to elevate itself above simply being about looks and provides a heavy dose of style and the elusive feel good factor. It makes you smile, it makes your son smile, it makes your father smile and it makes your grandpa smile. It is retro, yet modern, traditional yet contemporary, loud but safe.

The fulll name is actually a Triumph Bonneville Thruxton 1200 R priced at £11700. There is also a non-R version priced at £10,400 which has less detailing and lower quality suspension/brakes.

Ade’s Review

When I first saw this bike in large print form in a Triumph dealership I was immediately struck by just how ‘honest’ the bike looked. After all, this bike is a fake! It is a thoroughly capable modern motorcycle made up to be an older style Cafe Racer from a different era. Has Triumph pulled this off?

Well, yes. It looks great, the order books are now suggesting long waiting lists, and two of the staff at the dealership had aleady ordered one!

The detailing of the bike (you HAVE to get this R version) is exquisite and there are worthwhile accessories for it such as the Vince and Hines exhaust, LEDs and the tail tidy, which in my opinion is a must have.

The burble from the super torquey 1200cc is absolutely delightful and I felt myself staying in higher gears and rolling on gently coaxing a heavenly tune out of the system.

My test version had the optional drop bars and I personally found these too low and I found myself straining my neck upwards to look down the road. Fear not, if are also like me, as the standard bars are a lot higher and absolutely fine.

Other than that I found the bike actually quite comfortable and relaxing, given that it was still a forward. knees up position. The seat was fine and it’s narrowness, along with the bike’s svelte dimensions meant that I was able to enjoy both feet planted firmly on the ground.

I thought the delivery was very smooth and eager, with Sport mode really making it feel like a magical old racer.

The bike absolutely oozes class and style and, on that basis. is almost peerless.

Watch my video review for my usual live, on the fly, feedback. I didn’t get lost either! 🙂


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